Squidix Partners With MailChannels

Squidix Partners With MailChannels

Squidix Partners With MailChannels

Squidix is announcing a partnership with MailChannels , an outbound email filtering and delivery solutions provider for internet based companies. With MailChannels backing our email infrastructure, spammers know they’ve lost; and our customers can rest easy knowing that their email will be delivered without fear of bad network neighbors.

By leveraging MailChannels’ email technology, we’ve completely omitted any potential for abuse by compromised accounts whether it be an outdated website, or a lack of security in a website’s deployment. Our integration with MailChannels has already yielded positive results, and already our customers are noticing the difference.

How does MailChannels work?

MailChannels is an email relay service which identifies spammers within a network. When a spammer is identified, they’re immediately prevented from sending further messages so there’s no interruption of services to other users within the MailChannels email delivery network. This effectively prevents blacklists, and ensures all customers with valid emails get delivered and inboxed to the intended recipients.

MailChannels is the only service known of it’s kind that accepts all email, including spam. With their terminology, they’ve built a framework that not only busts out spam caught in the act, but stomps it out in it’s tracks all while delivering legitimate emails without any filtering of legitimate emails. This is a win for the consumer, and a new obstacle for spammers.

How Squidix is Leveraging MailChannels Email Infrastructure

MailChannels is flexible for various flavors of email servers. We’re currently deploying MailChannels for all our cPanel based shared, reseller, and semi dedicated hosting services. Our deployment of their technology within our infrastructure involves relaying all email through their networks, and ensuring email delivery for all our customers.

No customer should ever have to worry about their host’s IP reputations. We’ve stepped up our game, and feel this puts us at a strong advantage over standard email solutions. Our customers can enjoy worry free email delivery, and not have to put up with the hassle of knowing a neighboring website may be compromised and commit to sending spam.

MailChannels Information & Getting Started

To get started, our customers need to setup SPF (Sender Policy Framework) for their services. This is easy, and we’ve detailed full instructions in our knowledgebase. This step is not required, but ensures even higher email delivery for receiving email service providers who reference SPF in a domain’s DNS. In the near future, we will automate this, but for now please reference the following knowledgebase article to setup SPF.


MailChannels is our latest technology partner in our efforts to fight spam. To learn more about MailChannels, visit their webiste at http://www.mailchannels.com/.

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