Introductory Tutorial

Introductory Tutorial

This tutorial is still under construction.

So, you have a hosting account but don’t know where to start. It can be intimidating at first – but thanks to cPanel and all of the tools out there, most people can get a basic site up and running with a little work.

There are 3 ways that most sites can be built.

  • Build it yourself (difficult and time consuming).
  • Hire a web designer / developer to do your site for you (easy but expensive). We can help you with this.
  • Use a pre-made script (relatively easy and reasonably priced or free).

Option #3 is our most recommended solution. It’s the cheapest and easiest way for most people to get a high quality site up and running. As such, the instructions below will pertain mostly to this method of creating a site.

First thing’s first – what kind of web site are you attempting to create? We’ll run through a few basic types here.

I Want a Company / Informational Site

There are a few ways you can go about setting up an informational site.

I Want a Blog

I Want a Forum / Discussion Board

The list of forum scripts is endless. Some of the more popular ones include vBulletin (Paid), IPB (Paid), XenForo (Paid), PhpBB (Free) and MyBB (Free).

With forum scripts, going for a paid solution is not necessarily a bad idea. Unlike with blogs and e-commerce scripts, the free forum scripts are mostly lacking the features and flexibility compared to their paid counterparts. Most of the popular free scripts are available via our auto-installer, but the paid ones must be purchased and set up on their own.

I Want an Online Store

Unless you have very specialized requirements, you don’t need to hire a programmer. There are free scripts out there with massive amounts of features – more than you’d want to pay someone to build from the ground up.

In addition, there are hundreds of themes you can purchase to give your site a professional look and feel (most of these scripts come with very boring designs out of the box)
We generally recommend OpenCart or Magento. OpenCart is more lightweight and has plenty of features, Magento is a bit heavier on resources but has a massive amount of features. These are both available via our auto installer.

Another option is to use WordPress along with the WooCommerce plugin. We recommend this for users who want to complement their blog or informational site with basic store functionality. As far as e-commerce is considered, WooCommerce is not the most powerful, but it does have all of the basics and will cover the needs of most users.

I Want Something Else

The list of specialty scripts available via our auto-installer is endless.

  • Educational
  • CMS
  • Image Gallery
  • Wiki
  • Social Networking
  • Project Management
  • ERP
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