Non-Disclosure with Squidix Web Hosting

Non-Disclosure Agreement for Relationship with Squidix Web Hosting

I agree that any information disclosed to me, _________________________, of __________________________ as an individual, by Squidix Web Hosting of 2300 Wilson Blvd. Suite 204, Arlington, VA, 22201, its officers, employees or contractors, will be considered proprietary and confidential, including all such information relating to the Company’s past, present, or future business activities, research, product design or development, personnel, and business opportunities, including new business ventures.

I agree that for a period of 5 years following the date of my last contracted service date, I will hold all confidential and proprietary information in confidence and will not use such information except as may be authorized by the Company and will prevent its unauthorized dissemination. I acknowledge that unauthorized disclosure could cause irreparable harm and significant injury to the Company. I agree that upon request, I will return all written or electronic descriptive matter, including any network information, programs, and any supporting documents to the Company. In addition, I will destroy any electronic, written or any other media of copies of any data related to this contract or the Company after termination of my contract or request by the Company. This includes e-mail(s) to and from the Company or any digital files I have access to.

Confidential information shall not include information previously known to the Individual, the general public, or previously recognized as standard practice in the field. It also includes certain proprietary information that is specific to Squidix Web Servers and its’ clients, etc.

This agreement declares that I will not release any of the following information to any parties at any time, even after 5 years, as these may negatively effect clients and Squidix Web Hosting networks, data repositories, web applications, etc.:

Squidix Web Hosting and client security information or passwords
Squidix Web Hosting and client network information
Squidix Web Hosting and client program concepts
Squidix Web Hosting and client development of mobile apps
Squidix Web Hosting and client development of websites
Squidix Web Hosting and client payments, contract terms
Squidix Web Hosting and client partner or client information
Squidix Web Hosting and client Social Media campaigns and data not already made public

I understand that I will not make any public or private statements about the Company or its directors at any time and any breech of this contract is cause for legal recourse from Company. I understand that if I represent a company, that such company will follow all the terms listed in this contract and I am solely responsible for enforcement of these terms in such company and have appropriate authority from such company to sign this document on behalf of its management.

I understand that I may only reference any clients in my resume, or Social Media Portfolio or marketing kit only after written approval by Squidix Web Hosting and subsequently the clients. This approval may be withheld by Squidix Web Hosting or a client for any reason.

I also understand that since any contract will involve work in location(s) outside of Arlington, VA, that Squidix Web Hosting can elect the most favorable jurisdiction for any legal proceedings to enforce this agreement in either Arlington County, Virginia or Lee County, Florida, at Squidix Web Hosting’s sole discretion.

If any portion of this contract is found in court to be unenforceable it shall not negate any other provision.

Accepted and agreed to by:

Individual Signature ____________________________________

Printed Name _______________________ Date ______

Please print, sign, scan and email to [email protected]