Terabyte hosting with Squidix

Seeking multiterabyte hosting?  We’ve got you covered.  If you need a terabyte or several terabytes of web hosting, you have come to the right place.  Our servers can support these larger plans easily and quickly, including terabyte MySQL storage or terabytes of e-mail hosting.

Sometimes traditional web hosts simply can’t support larger terabyte hosting accounts.

Squidix provides high-availability multiple terabytes of hosting plans all scaled to your needs.

Need it quickly? Let us know by 8PM and your services will be available same day.  Guaranteed!

Our current Giant Squid hosting plans have 512Gb of Ram, 32 processors and up to 64TB of SSD services.  These are fully managed services ensure that your high-demand projects are available 24/7/354.

For a quote, let us know [email protected] or call us (855) SQUIDIX.